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Remember the days when the only choices you had for remote control cars and helicopters were hard to control, expensive, and half the time they did not perform as they were touted? Thankfully, those days are long gone, and today's RC helicopters and cars are very high tech. they offer a wider range, higher quality and more flight or drive time. One of the greatest new RC helicopters to hit the RC scene is the new Parrot AR Drone. 

The Parrot AR Drone is an amazing unit that is actually piloted using your mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod, or your iPhone. When you turn this quadricopter on, it sends out its own WiFi network, which connects to your wireless device via a free application. There is no encryption on the network, but this chopper does attach and keep itself in sync with the first device it connects to, so you do not have to worry about someone else getting control over your AR Drone. The Parrot AR Drone is exceptionally lightweight, and flying is simple. Once you have connected your handheld device to the AR Drone, you automatically see what the camera sees. You can cycle through screen displays between cameras, and swap front or bottom facing cameras if you like. 

You can edit the settings on your AR Drone via your wireless device, allowing you to set how fast it climbs into the air, how much bank you get in a turn and how sensitive the settings on your iPhone are. You can also set it for indoor or outdoor shell, to maximize your maneuverability. Both the indoor and outdoor shells come with the Parrot AR Drone, and switching them out is simple. They fit snugly over the front facing camera and are attached to the Drone with a magnet. You can purchase additional or replacement hulls to personalize your Drone even further. 

The AR Drone is designed to be fool proof, and definitely takes some getting used to when you use it. It keeps itself level, and no matter how hard you try to wreck it, it has built in sensors that tell it that it is tilting too far and corrects itself. If you ever lose your WiFi connection, the AR Drone simply stops itself and gently lands. The Parrot AR Drone is an amazing unit, with advanced technology and fun all in the palm of your hands.


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