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Snap Circuits RC Rover by Elenco Electronics Inc

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Introducing: Snap Circuits RC Rover from Elenco Electronics Inc

We are proud to offer the excellent Snap Circuits RC Rover.

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a brand you can trust. The Snap Circuits RC Rover is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase.

For this reduced price, the Snap Circuits RC Rover is widely respected and is a regular choice with many people. Elenco Electronics Inc have included some excellent touches and this equals good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Have fun creating your own R/C Snap Rover utilizing the colorful Snap Circuits elements. There is no soldering needed -- all the elements snap jointly with ease. The moment finished, you will be in a position to navigate your environment with the effortless-to-use Snap Rover Remote Control.

Rover has left and proper turning management and goes forward and backward. Also capabilities headlight, sound consequences, red and blue facet lights, and wireless remote management so you can run up to a few cars at the identical time. Incorporates 30 elements that build over twenty tasks and complete-coloration assembly handbook. Needs 1 9V battery and six "AA" batteries, not integrated.

With the Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits RC Rover kit, your kid can build a functioning, remote-controlled rover. Featuring specifically intended snap-jointly electrical factors, this innovative kit offers a fun, hands-on education in electronics, permitting children to develop rovers and other fun devices by snapping jointly functioning circuitry. Suggested for children ages eight and over, the RC Rover kit consists of over 30 pieces and directions for 23 fun tasks.

Snap Circuits
RC Snap Rover SCROV-10
At a Glance:

Age: eight many years and up

Specifications: six AA batteries one nine-volt battery (not integrated)

Warranty: Warranted in opposition to manufacturer's defects

Accessible Upgrade Kit:

UC-ninety: Upgrades to SCROV-fifty
Snap Circuits Callout
Snap Circuits SCROV-10 RC Snap Rover

Develop various versions of this RC Rover. See greater.
Generate a Rover with Working Digital Circuits
The Snap Circuits RC Rover kit arrives with over 30 pieces to develop a remote-controlled rover and other devices. It capabilities a plastic rover physique unit that consists of big, treaded plastic wheels, and a handheld remote management unit with antennae, the two of which are utilized to develop several various versions of a remote-controlled rover.

The kit consists of snap wires, slide switches, electrodes, and other pieces that snap jointly very easily on the integrated plastic grid--no soldering needed. Each piece is numbered and coloration-coded to make identifying them effortless. Youngsters can follow illustrated directions to develop functioning circuit boards that electrical power the rover and other tasks.

Basic, Exciting Projects Permit Youngsters Discover Although They Perform
With its effortless-to-follow directions, Snap Circuits gives your kid a hands-on education in how electrical circuits perform to run their rover and the every day devices that they are acquainted with. They will also obtain beneficial lessons in creating and in following directions.

The challenge handbook begins out with directions for producing a rover with a functioning LED headlight, and capabilities several other rover configurations. Youngsters can also place jointly a rotating light, a generator, a saltwater detector, and other devices. Although they are finishing these tasks, kids will understand about electric switches, radio reception, gear movement, Morse code, and much more.

The RC Rover kit can be upgraded to the Deluxe Snap Rover (SCROV-fifty) with the purchase of a UC-ninety upgrade kit . Youngsters will get pleasure from further elements, manuals, and tasks that'll just take their Snap Rover to the up coming degree.

This Snap Circuits kit calls for six AA batteries and 1 nine-volt battery (not integrated).

What is in the Box
37 electronic factors, rover physique, plastic snap-grid, remote management, and challenge handbook.

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Snap Circuits SCROV-10 RC Snap Rover Snap Circuits SCROV-10 RC Snap Rover Snap Circuits SCROV-10 RC Snap Rover


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