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Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle by Bandai

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Introducing: Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle by Bandai

We are happy to offer the famous Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle.

With so many available these days, it is great to have a brand you can recognise. The Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle is certainly that and will be a great purchase.

For this price, the Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle is highly recommended and is a popular choice with most people. Bandai have added some great touches and this results in good value.

Manufacturer Description

Wheels have transforming action Can be carried out manually or R/C Entire body of motor vehicle is intended in a futuristic design Undercarriage of motor vehicle when flipped robot appears in driver seat Batteries: rechargeale impeccable hydrogen nine.6V involved. Transmitter: 9V battery (not involved) Scale one:12 remote handle motor vehicle with transforming wheels. Wheels transform to claws. Perfect for out of doors play motor vehicle wheels allows for diverse terrains. Motor vehicle performs and does methods, flips, wheelies, and spinning action.

The CyClaws from Bandai is a rapidly and furious remote-handle car with wicked wheels that transform into claws. When the wheels are closed, this RC motor vehicle can gun at large speeds, but when the wheels are transformed into claws they facilitate claw flips, wheelies, and spins. Children aged 8 a long time and up will be fascinated by the CyClaws' speedy response time and nuts stunts.

CyClaws Logo
Remote Control Motor vehicle

Ages: 8 a long time and up
Demands: Ready to use soon after charging

What We Feel

Enjoyable factor: 5 starts
Longevity: 5 starts
Ease of assembly: 5 starts
Instructional factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 4 starts

The Good: The claw-like tires support facilitate wonderful methods.

The Challenging: For out of doors use only.

In a Nutshell: A wickedly special RC motor vehicle with transformable claw-like tires.
Bandai Logo
CyClaws closed
With wheels closed and locked the CyClaws delivers large-speed action! Watch greater.

CyClaws action
Activate the claws to complete flips, wheelies, spins, and other stunts. Watch greater.

An RC Vehicle with Several Wicked Action Modes
The CyClaws from Bandai is no regular remote-handle motor vehicle. This tough, dirt-kicking machine is intended like a sleek racing car with monster wheels that transform into claws. Each and every tire attributes a locking mechanism that allows you to drive with the tire claws open up or closed. The tires can be modified independently, creating this RC motor vehicle flexible and open up to experimentation.

When its wheels are locked in closed-claw mode, the CyClaws runs like a large-speed RC car that can quit on a dime. Generate this motor vehicle in open up-claw mode, and it runs like a creature with a thoughts of its own. When its claws are out, the CyClaws performs flips, wheelies, spins, and other astounding stunts. Look out for the driver when the car flips--you are going to see him on the car's undercarriage.

The wheels change from normal to claw-like manually, by means of remote handle, or when the motor vehicle bumps into hurdles. However you and your child will be running the CyClaws, it will nonetheless react and complete methods spontaneously.

Basic Set Up and Straightforward-to-Use Remote Control
Bandai's CyClaws arrives outfitted with a battery pack for the car, a battery charger, and nine-volt battery for the remote handle. Just before handing this RC motor vehicle to your children, you are going to need to charge the nine.six-volt battery pack with the involved charger for four hours.

Simply because the CyClaws is rapidly and may possibly react spontaneously when it runs into hurdles, it is suggested for out of doors use on pavements, sidewalks, or turfs with brief grass. The remote control's two joysticks allow for a lot more nuanced movement of the CyClaws. This will occur in useful when you want CyClaws to complete astonishing spins.

What is in the Box
CyClaws RC motor vehicle, remote handle, nine.six-volt Ni-MH battery pack, charger, nine-volt battery, and directions.

CyClaws action


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